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Lextalionis X - Rosa's Epiloog

Posted on 2010.12.01 at 02:29

Een soort van epiloog, in ieder geval. Een beschrijving van Rosa, ofwel Fenne, van begin tot eind...


EpiloogCollapse )



Birthday loot!

Posted on 2010.03.14 at 19:55

It's been another quiet two weeks. I like quiet, but sometimes I think it's time for some action again. Luckily I'll have an early start of larp season with Kederan in two weeks; I've been persuaded to give it another try. Other than that, well, I guess I'll have to make my own action.

I succeeded in that yesterday, when I held my first birthday party for friends in years. It was lots of fun, I had a full house (well, room... Student room is kinda small, but it fits a dozen people! Barely, but it fits.) and got lots of awesome pressies that make me happeh. ^-^ My loot will keep me reading, munching and shopping for quite some time still, consisting out of:

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
A Storm of Swords Part 1: Steel and Snow by George R.R. Martin
The Gold Falcon by Katherine Kerr
Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss
An easter chick, made out of chocolate of course.
A Large gift certificate
A very super secret gift certificate
Home-made white chocolate/Oreo fudge. They are heaven. Heaven I tell you.
"Hot feet" --> Slippers you can put into the microwave and then put on your feet so that they'll be warm and smell of lavender. They're fuzzy and pink. *g*

I am a happy camper. *nod* *wonders if she should try out her microwave slippers...*


Done with this galaxy, on to Pegasus!

Posted on 2010.03.10 at 14:48

aka... Sna, I'll be looking to trade you your Stargate box for some seasons of Stargate: Atlantis pretty soon, as I'm done with all 211(!) episodes of SG-1.

Perhaps this Saturday, if you feel up to a party? You got the mail, I think. =)



Posted on 2010.03.02 at 22:58
March already. Time for spring! I hope. It's been all too dreary outside these past few weeks.

Had a rather uneventful month and a half, for me. Usually I'm a lot busier, but the start of the year was relatively quiet. A party, Lextalionis and my birthday were the most notable things.

Lex was a lot of fun, though I managed to get a little aardbei-moment because of combination of factors; me having my 3 o'clock 'inkakmoment', unfortunate timing, some tactless comments and storytellers being all too busy with lots of things to soothe my nerves properly. Thanks to JWK for helping me in that aspect. Unfortunately it messed up my inner heating so that in the following hour I couldn't stop shivering. Luckily there are some wonderful people on Lex who took care of me, lend me their vests and bringing me tea and all that jazz. I hope I didn't spoil the mood for the other players too much, I sat there sort of IC, being staked and not having to move, but I was drinking tea. *g*

My birthday was nice. Quiet as I've come to get used to, as usually my friends are too far away to drop by in Lutjebroek, especially on a Wednesday. Got a nice haul, the dvd Serenity, the Chronicles of Narnia complete shiny hardcover edition, and two cds (Keane and Blof). Going to have my birthdayparty for my friends on March 13, hope it'll be fun.

Updated my lists on LJ of the CDs, DVDs and Books I own too, hadn't done so for a while. It's nice to have an overview of everything I have. =)

Well, that was it for this time. Time for bed!


Op zoek naar...

Posted on 2010.02.02 at 18:36
Alle Utrechters op deze lijst, opgelet. *g*

Ik ben op zoek naar een zwemmaatje. Ik wil gaan zwemmen (zo mogelijk wekelijks) maar ik weet nu al dat als ik het in m'n eentje ga doen ik me te snel laat verleiden tot 'vandaag niet'-momenten en er dus weer helemaal niets van terecht komt.

Dus, is er iemand die met met baantjes wil gaan trekken? *g*


Welcome to 2010.

Posted on 2010.01.14 at 22:40
Current Location: Utrecht
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Josh Groban - Smile
So, yes, a new year! The last one ended rather quietly for me, though the last two months was a busy one with hardly any days off from school/social stuff.

I passed both my classes, so that's good. I also managed to do well in all my classes up 'til now, with end of term only two weeks away, though I still have to finish one translation and write a portion of a rather big group project. Spent a whole day yesterday in the national archives yesterday to find stuff for that, and even though we searched through 4 big boxes and about 12 folders we came up mostly empty-handed, save for one or two things that might have been interesting. Meh. Ah well. We'll see how that comes together.

November saw me going to the Night of the Proms concert, which was really a lot of fun, especially Roxette. It's really very funny when all of Ahoy starts singing "Hello! You fool! I love you!" Sharon den Adel (from Within Temptation) was great too, though her music was lost on most of the (older) audience. Very much enjoyed it, and am planning on going again next year.

Lextalionis came, and it was fun, though I did not enjoy myself as much as on previous Lex's. In part that had to do with me not feeling a 100% throughout the weekend, and both evenings I went to bed rather early. This resulted in me missing a rather big event on the first night, and some action on the second night, sadly. Ah well, what's done and such.

Celebrated Sinterklaas at my boyfriend's in the last november weekend, which was a rather funny affair. They're a big fan of satirical surprises, and my boyfriend's brother made me, ahem, purple breasts... This because somewhere during the year jokes had started to pop up in Faction Light about Susheela's 'paarse memmen.' *rollseyes* He also made me riddles. I don't like riddles. *g* Figured them out in the end (with some help of the brother's girlfriend) and got my stash of gifts, which included some very fluffy white cat slippers and a book. Yay.

Weekend after, first of the December, was Sinterklaas at my parents, where my gift stash for December was made bigger by, surprise surprise, more books!

Then came Rick's and Niels's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. The next day was set aside for a DND session with Rick's campaign once again, seeing us going down into the mines behind our little mountain fortress to figure out what scared the dwarves away. Found a vampire who managed to charm my character into following his will, which resulted in me grappling with our Knight and at one point telling him I loved him, which was greeted with lots of giggles by the rest of the party and with an utterly horrified look by the Knight. It, of course, wasn't true, which became clear as soon I was out from under the vampire's spell. We proceeded to find an entrance to the Underdark under the mines and running into several drow. This part was worthy of a classic LotR quote. "They dug too deep." Yes, deep enough so the denizens of the Underdark could find a way. Fuck. In this setting, drow were creatures of Elven legend, and my character, being an Elf, stared wide-eyed when they popped up left and right, thinking she had fallen asleep and into a nightmare. Sadly, no. So now we're faced with an army of drow just below our home. And that's not to mention the host of demons at the same time falling upon the capital city of the empire. We're in trouble. *g*

Next Friday was Sna's birthdayparty, which was 'gezellig', and that Saturday I, Janou, Corné and Sander went to Deventer for the Dickensfestival. It was very cold, but fun, and after warming up over a cup of hot chocolate and a gas heater things were fine again. Bought a funny hat as well, purple of course.

Sunday we braved the NS to try and get to Leusden for a meeting of the leaders of Faction Light. We managed to make it to Amersfoort by train rather easily, then got stuck when all buses were cancelled. Luckily some others who were going were willing to pick us up, so we managed to get there even though the snow was falling quite heavily by then. Meeting was okay, and we were brought home by aforementioned people so that we wouldn't get stuck on trainstations again, yay.

That Monday I braved the NS again, and got home in quite good time really, only have a delay of an hour and fifteen minutes and spending an hour of that delay inside a train, aka warm. It was quite okay, not really the nightmare most people were describing. *g*

Soon after that it was Christmas already. Christmas day we went to my aunt and uncle's, as my uncle turned 50 on that day. The family as a collective gave him one of his dreams as a gift, namely driving in a real Ferrari. Auf dem Autobahn, since they don't believe in speed limits in Germany.

Boxing day was spent quietly at home after visiting my grandfather, playing games and enjoying a nice dinner. Then on the Sunday after we finally opened our Christmas gifts. *g* My haul? Take one guess. XD Though there was a DVD and two CDs as well.

The days following were quiet, save the Wednesday, as I had invited all of my uni friends to my tiny room in Utrecht for our film marathon. We watched Fantasy classics, and further filled our evening with drinking games such as I never... and spin the bottle. Then came December 31, and my boyfriend and I travelled back to my parents' house to spent New Years Eve at my brother and his girlfriend's house.

The weekend after I was all alone, since Corné had to leave again on New Years Day for his mother's birthday and I had some work to do. My parents were gone for the weekend and so was my sister, so they were some quiet days.

Then came Exodus, which was awesome. The players found themselves at a weird Elven University, complete with a 'fraternity' (though the group of students was of mixed gender) that the players found very annoying. With reason, as we were all playing very 'studentikoze types.' Also got to play my 'fishwoman', aka a Sarrochan, part of a race of islanddwellers with silvery skin. She'd been taken captive by some of professors on that university to experiment with and on, and it was up to the players to save her. They did, eventually, though it took a while. Really enjoyed myself all weekend, and am a little sad that the next Exodus will be the last already.

And now its Thursdayevening and I'm a little tired, but I felt it was time for an update. So here we are. Maybe I'll update more often, but I generally have facebook for my little life messages... *g* Ah well, we'll see.

Signing out!


Hear ye hear ye

Posted on 2009.11.02 at 22:28
Current Location: Utrecht
Current Music: Krezip - I Would Stay
This is a request for those of you who have the biggest bookcases filled with DVDs ever (Simon, Sander, anyone else who feels this applies to him/her).

I'm trying to watch some series through. I've finished Firefly and Serenity (love it), am nearly halfway through Jericho now (It's pretty good, too bad it got discontinued), and after that I wanted to move on to Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis (And Stargate: Universe... but that's a long way off).

Now there's two things I can do.

1. I can download them. A quick torrents search told me Stargate is 10 seasons and nearly 80 gigabytes, and Atlantis is about half that. That's 110-120 gigabytes of storage that I don't really have.

2. I can borrow the DVDs. You can see where I'm going with this. Is there someone who is willing to further my forays into geekdom by lending me aforementioned DVDs? I'm pretty sure you have them all... *grins*


If life had a pause button...

Posted on 2009.11.01 at 15:27
Current Location: Utrecht
Current Music: Krezip - Sweet Goodbyes
Sometimes I wish I could press it and breathe. But I can't, so life goes on.

I remember one of my new years resolutions was updating my LJ regularly. That didn't work out. Nor did the other resolution, the not-nailbiting one, so all in all new years resolutions aren't really something I put stock in.

It's been over four months since my last proper update, and I've found the urge to post something again on this quiet Sunday afternoon. Technically speaking I should be writing an essay, but I'm taking a break. It's raining outside, too, which makes me meh cause I don't like autumn rains. I like autumn, when all the trees change colour and the forests are so incredibly pretty, but as soon as it starts raining all those colours turn to grey and so does my mood. I'm having a distinct lack of motivation for anything right now, and I'm feeling rather under the weather with some illness that is either a very bad cold, flu or bronchitis, but I don't know which and I'm not sick enough to go see a doctor. It's partnered by a general downtrodden feeling and the fact that I sleep for nearly 12 hours a day and not wake up feeling any more refreshed or awake than when I went to bed. Not helping, really.

Anyway, it's been a busy four months. End of my time as a Bachelor student, holidays, lots of larping, a new DND campaign, starting my masters in Translation and being busy with that as well as a new boyfriend have all been taking up a lot of my time, to the point where I wonder how I will find the time to sit and just do something quiet, like read. I've been doing that a lot last week... to the detriment of my essays, but I needed some quiet me-time.

So, let's recap. *grabs dayplanner*

There was:
- My holiday to the Ardennes with some of the UU crew. Had a blast, tried some new things (like rappelling and spelonking, awesome!) and generally enjoyed the company of a week out in the middle of nowhere. Truly. It was an ordeal to get to the campsite and to get groceries as the nearest supermarket was 15 miles away... We hitchhiked twice to town to get groceries, and we walked once. My feet hurt after that. *g* Still, good times, good memories. =)
- Castlefest, which was awesome and a lot of fun. Second year of helping with the build up and everything seemed to go even smoother than last year. Had a lot of fun with everyone, and enjoyed the festival itself a lot.
- the Summoning, which was fun while it lasted, as I had to leave early on Sunday for the next item on the list. Still, there were some good times as Susheela.
- My grandmother's 75th birthday party. We had planned a surprise party and had invited all the extended family (including some of my second cousins twice removed) in our house... Thank the gods it was a sunny day so we could put them all in the garden. My grandma was pleasantly surprised and had a great day, so mission accomplished I should say.
- S trip to the beach, which was my first trip to the beach in years. Went swimming in the sea (after improvising a bikini because I had stupidly forgotten my bathing suit) and had fun with Corne (my bf), Ingeborg and Peter.
- Several trips to the Efteling. I went a total of three times this year, it was awesome. First was with the UU crew and while it was horridly busy we managed to get into most of the rides. Second was with my mom, sister and grandma, where I could catch up on the rides I had missed the Saturday before. *g* Got stung by a wasp in the Fata Morgana though, no fun. Third was a few weeks ago when Mel was in the country, was a lot of fun too.
- A Castlefest volunteers meeting in Utrecht. Nice to see everyone again, and to talk to some people I had missed.
- My dad's birthday, a somewhat quiet family affair (until my uncles had gotten to their tenth beer... then no more quiet)
- De 'kermisborrel' of my brother and sister's, where I got so drunk that for the first time I had to empty my stomach in the toilet afterwards. Fun times. *g*
- Ingeborg's birthdayparty, fun with some larpers.
- Hilde's birthdayparty. It had a theme, but I'd left my themed clothing at home accidentally and so had most other people it seemed. All in all it was a good party, and I didn't thrash anything this time. :P
- Marta's birthdayparty, which had a 90's theme and for which I dressed up quite ridiculously. Still want to see those pictures Marta! It was fun.
- Dinner with my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary, nice and tasty.
- The start of my masters, dear gods I've been busy with it. Still, I'm enjoying myself amidst the grumbling and complaints.
- Symbols, the very last one and therefore bittersweet. Still, Ryne survived (which reminds me I still need to write her ending) though quite a few others didn't, but it was a good ending overal. Also finally got a good character picture of Ryne, thanks Ork!
- My graduation ceremony, where I got my Bachelor of Arts diploma. Yay! All kinds of fancy, of course.
- Myriad. IC-wise we were in a different location than usual, and Julian had given me a character that meant lots of quiet time in the corner with a book. Didn't really mind, had fun with Karin who played the lady of the house and I her accountant, who are important on that world. Long story.
- Moots. Aaah, where to start. Lots of things can be said about this moots. It was one with a bang, and the plot was generally good, only everyone got disheartened for a few hours when they realised their opponent was a god, and a powerful one at that. We managed to destroy him in the end, but it seemed an unreachable goal for a while, which meant a lot of people stopped playing and dragging other people along in their downwards spiral. I'm happy I had decided to escape that, otherwise my weekend would probably have been rather crappy. Now I mostly had fun and could build on my character some more with this new situation.
- the Spielemesse in Essen. Huge event on games, toys and larp in Germany. Was fun, though sometimes a little overwhelming and I got really sick of the crowd after a few hours. Afterwards we went to a play with some of the country's more known stand up comedians in it, was very amusing. 'twas based on Jules Verne's around the world in 80 days, with a funny twist. Nice nice.
- Dancing lessons! Finally got started on learning some ballroom and latin. Have the basics of the quickstep and the cha cha cha now, and am in the process of learning the English waltz.
- A new weekly DND group, playing fourth edition. It's different, but it's fun.
- Another DND session with Rick as DM. Limaera is coming along slowly, though this was a very confusing session indeed.

And that's just everything I made a note of in my dayplanner, but I can't be bothered to list everything. Had a busy holidays indeed! First term is finally over, and I should busy myself with my essays. Almost done with the first, then on to the second. All will be well. *nod*

Next up on the agenda are a weekend of fun and DND at Tony's this weekend, and Lextalionis the weekend after. Have to be home to draw lots for Sinterklaas sometime in the middle and drag the boyfriend along, as well as go to his place for the same. And then there's Night of the Proms where Chris and I are going. More busy weekends for me!

Ah well, that's it, more for my convenience than yours so it's fine if you don't read it. *grins*

See you next time.


I am bored.

Posted on 2009.09.09 at 15:46
So I meme. Yes, I'm still alive. No, don't feel like writing a long update now.

How girly are you?Collapse )


Peace and quiet

Posted on 2009.06.20 at 20:24
Current Location: Lutjebroek, Netherlands
Current Music: 3FM
So, it's been months since I properly posted... February, I believe. Four months without proper updates, and now I finally have the time to actually sit and type without feeling guilty because I still have a thousand other things to do, mostly school-related.

What's happened since February... I need to get my dayplanner for this, cause I've already forgotten half of it! Well, there was my birthday of course, my 21st birthday on February 24. So I'm legal in all countries now, yay! Haven't really celebrated it for friends, just family, got some nice gifts which were mostly books, what a surprise.

LARPwise I've had Lextalionis, which was fun as always and even funner due to a pool, I which I spent the last night talking to some people. I went to bed when the sun was up, and slept for an hour or so. I probably shouldn't be doing that again anytime soon. *grins*
Then there was Exodus, which was awesome albeit a little slow at times, though the Saturday night made up for it.
A Levi-special where I annoyed the players, which was fun mostly because of the people and not so much the play. Ended that weekend in the hospital with a sprained ankle, but it turned out it wasn't too serious.
Next up Symbols, which was AWESOME and I can't wait til the next one, though it makes me sad that it will be the last one.
There was a Moots, which was fun mostly of my faction, who are a great bunch of people that make me laugh.
And there was Myriad, which was fun as well because of people and play.
I also went to Keltfest which isn't a larp but is a lot of fun, volunteering and having fun with people.

Most of the past 4 months were ruled by university and worrying about it. Taking courses, working hard to pass them, reading, deciding on my Master and finding out at the very last moment that I was lacking one course to actually be able to take the Master, which was a little bit of added stress. I managed to sign up for the course however, so all that's to worry about is actually passing it.

Degree-wise, I'm good. I have 172.5 ECTS out of the 180 needed, and still get the results back for the 3 courses I had in the last term. So even if I fail two of them, I'll have my Bachelor of Arts degree. But I don't want to fail them, dammit. Especially that one course. I need that course, Introduction to Translation Studies, as my Master will be Translation and it's a prerequisite.

I was actually pretty stressed out, and I haven't been sleeping well because of it. I had to take time off from the forum where I'm a mod cause I needed all my focus on my studies, as I sure as hell wasn't going to fail and trip at the end. I'm still a little stressed, though my last exam was yesterday. I want my results, darnit! Then I know if I can breathe easily and enjoy the holidays or if I have to dive back into the books 'til I go crazy.

So yea, my life was pretty boring lately. Oh, there were those larps and a film marathon and drinks with friends and all, but they were only temporary reprieve. The moment I was home stess hit me again. I spent last week nearly completely cooped up in my room covered with books and bits of notepaper. It was horrible. It better have been worth it.

*grins* I should relax. And I'm trying. Promised myself a weekend of nothing but things I -want- to do, not things I -have- to do, and so far it's working. Reading, catching up on Plazaabit (ok, there's a bit of 'have to' in there, but I kinda missed it so it's fun too) talking to people without having to worry about whether or not I'm wasting my time, it's all good.

So yea, that was my life since the last true update.

Now, it's time for SUMMER!

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